MeetSmart – The smart event platform!

Communicate smarter with us – simply within.


MeetSmart – everything you wish, in a single tool.

You want to spice up your event?

Your event needs more - more space, more interaction, more features and all of it in one tool without any additional software.


For 25 years we have been professionals in planning and performing individual events.

Take advantage of this experience. Use our smart event platform.

So kann Ihre Website aussehen
So kann Ihre Website aussehen

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So kann Ihre Website aussehen
So kann Ihre Website aussehen

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So kann Ihre Website aussehen
So kann Ihre Website aussehen

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So kann Ihre Website aussehen
So kann Ihre Website aussehen

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MeetSmart – quite easy.

  • Easy: Easy access - join immediately using just your browser. No software needed

  • Independent: Our own technology, own programming

  • Secure: Secure data usage, German servers, DSGVO compliant

  • Fast: Extremly fast loading times, we use our own servers

MeetSmart – connect with each other.


Everything at once:

  • Livestream, Chat, News, Exhibition, Workshops

  • Chatting, debating, voting, networking - it's all done comfortable

  • Including video chats and a sponsoring concept

With us you communicate smart– simply within.   


MeetSmart – LiveStream:

Header or Fullscreen: Header or Fullscreen: All features are visible at all times!


MeetSmart – Live Marketplace:

Convince your customers with an impressive and interactive performance.

We offer the appropriate support for the design of your presentation and are available to answer any questions you may have about the technical implementation.


MeetSmart – inform, exchange, join:

Go one-on-one with your colleagues or customers.

You can chat live with video or text- face to face.

Access is very simple just using your browser, without registration, without additional software.

Without limitation - with as many break-out rooms as you like.


MeetSmart – Comment & Vote:

 eractive online events to join:

  • comment, voting and survey feature

  • Certified voting applications for elections (AGM, associations, political parties)

  • Features and applications from third-party providers can be integrated easily


Beste Bio Läden 2021

bio verlag GmbH

Digital gala:



Hekatron GmbH

Digital conference:

MeetSmart – References:


MeetSmart – Give us a call!

You give us the content, we create your event.

We organize the technology, the sessions, if necessary a studio and implement the every application you like, support the technology, both on-site and in the back-end. We develop concepts for communication and design.

From consulting to execution to evaluation, we provide everything!

Tilo Heimberger, Johannes Ries